The Big 5:

These legends of the African savannah roam Kruger National Park more than anywhere else in Africa. 

Capturing a glimpse of the majestic African Elephant or the beautiful Leopard will be sure to set your heart racing. The ill tempered rhinoceros, critically endangered, is a sight to see along with the sheer brute strength of the Cape Buffalo, considered the most dangerous of the big five. And of course no trip is complete without the king – the African Lion.



An extremely intelligent and social animal, it can be most often seen around permanent water and plentiful vegetation. These playful creatures are the largest of the big five and truly impressive to see up close and personal during a guided tour.



Only second in size to the African elephant, these mighty and majestic creatures can get as large as 6,000 pounds! Due to the black market demand for rhino horns they are now critically endangered! South Africa is home to more than 80% of the African rhino population that is left.



Typically docile like their bovine brethren, these roaming animals can be found in herds of up to 1,000. When threatened they can do some significant damage and they’re considered the most dangerous of the big five – even lions second guess taking on the mighty Cape Buffalo!



Solitary by nature these regal cats can be difficult to locate. Their spots and ability to climb trees gives them an excellent advantage to staying hidden. Leopards are most active between sunset and sunrise hunting their prey. Also on the “near threatened” list.



The majestic king has long marveled mankind with its strength and beauty. And viewing them in action on the South African savannah is an experience second to none. The glorious manes of the males and hunting prowess of the females leaves no doubt in your mind their title of King is well deserved.

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