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“I cannot remember…

exactly when I started dreaming about an African Safari.  It’s been years!  I don’t think I even believed I would ever make it. Dreams do come true.We were delighted with all the services you provided; picking us up at the airport, taking us to our hotel, and realizing we would need that time to rest & get used to the different time zone.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness in fulfilling all of our needs.

Looking through God’s windows at Blyde Canyon & Lisbon Falls were breath-taking. They were gorgeous.  Kruger National Park, where we got great pictures of the “Big-Five” was unbelievable.

Sabi Sabi Lodge exceeded all of my expectations.  The beauty, the quality of the entire facility, the food, and the service was the very, very best.   You made us feel right at home.  We felt your love & concern for our welfare.

You are a wonderful host in every respect.  I cherish our trip & our friendship.”

-Ron Faircloth, South Carolina

“Good Morning…

I took my son on the Safari for his 21st birthday in February of this year. It was a wonderful experience and changed both of our lives. We flew into Johannesburg airport and stayed the night there. We departed the next day for our Game Lodge. The drive was nice and we got a chance to get to know Chris and his son.

Chris has an enormous amount of knowledge about South Africa that he was eager to share. The game lodge was very nice. Our suite was wonderful and the staff was very friendly and polite. I found the South Africans to be some of the nicest people I have met. The game drives…..one word – FABULOUS! We saw all the big five and then some. There is nothing more majestic then coming upon a family of giraffe in the early morning mist. I was literally feet away from them and lions! I felt 100% safe the entire time as the guide and tracker were wonderful.

I enjoyed every minute and plan to take my daughter. The views from God’s Window will forever be in my heart and the falls were amazing. Mt. Sheba is a very quiet place and I just relaxed while there. I can’t say enough about Chris and his son Michael…..They will be friends of ours for life. I am sure you will love the experience and encourage you and everyone to go! Enjoy your time in South Africa.   You will love it!!!”

-Pamela Tharp, Fresno, California

“South Africa Was Not High On My List…

of places to visit, but now I’m hooked.The genuine people, the dramatic landscape, the close-up encounters with exotic and endangered animals, and some of the most complex (and most economical) wines I have tasted combined for an amazing sensory experience.

I would never have traveled half way around the world without the guidance and organization of Chris, an experienced traveler and guide who specializes in finding his guests the VERY BEST DEALS.   Through Kanyezi Africa Safaris we traveled business class and stayed in five-star resorts for far less than the prices I could find anywhere on line. Every single detail, from connecting flights to gourmet meals, was taken care of.

Chris has been traveling to this part of the world for 23 years. He knows where to go and how to get there, even for something as inconsequential as the $2 hand-forged copper bracelet I coveted. I am a vegetarian and I feared I would not eat for two weeks, but Chris took care of that, too.

The hassle of international travel is navigating new cultures, understanding languages and road signs (and in the case of South Africa driving in city traffic on the “wrong” side of the road). No problem with a native like Chris.

Chris, this was my fourth trip with you and I can’t wait to travel with you again.  Moscow was a kick, Budapest beautiful and Paris … is, well, what can I say about Paris? But Africa opened my mind and heart to a completely foreign culture and, along the way, helped me see the beauty in simpler way of life.”

-Tracie Cone, California

“Africa Changed My Life…

The encounters with the animals were amazing. Even more life changing was the experience with the people in the village. This trip with Kanyezi was not a vacation, it was journey that touched my heart and stimulated all the senses. Also my son William, now 14, gave a slide presentation to his entire school about the Safari and is now a local legend.”

-Randy Green, Honolulu

“I’ve Always Dreamed of Going…

to Africa to see the same animals in the wild that I’ve always had to visit in the zoo. One day early last year, my daughter called and asked if I wanted to go to South Africa on safari with her family at Christmas. She was planning a trip with Chris and his son Michael as our guides. We had the most amazing experience I could ever imagine.

I can’t think of a thing that could have made the trip any better. Chris & Michael knew so much about the country & its people explaining everything to us along the way. As we entered the gate of Kruger National Park, the biggest elephant I’ve ever seen was waiting to greet us. We drove only another half mile and stopped to see a large herd of cape buffalo grazing with a herd of zebra! We saw several other animals before we ever got to the lodge.

Once we got to our Game Lodge, we met our guide & tracker as we prepared for our first game drive. On every safari we experienced numerous animal sightings next to our vehicle. Many times we met all the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, & cape buffalo) on the same drive.

After we had been on 3 or 4 game drives, our guide asked my 8 year old grandson what he wanted to see, & said whatever the request, he would find that animal. The request was to see a nearly extinct animal And so our ranger miraculously located the elusive black rhino, the first time one had been spotted in that sector of the Kruger National Park in over seven years!!

One of the most amazing events was hearing a male lion roaring after dark and standing right beside our vehicle. He was looking for his pride and could have cared less that we were there shining lights in his direction illuminating the entire once in a lifetime scene. It is really an amazing feeling when the ground starts to vibrate under a lion’s gigantic roar!

Beside an unbelievable Kruger Park safari, we were treated to a choir performing native dances by teenagers at an orphanage Chris is building. We saw so many other lovely sights in South Africa. I would love to return for more of the same with Chris & Michael who really are the finest guides we could have ever asked for & now have become very good friends!!”

-Kitty Peterson, Colorado

“Dear Chris…

Thank you so much for leading us through an extraordinary life experience.  We are so grateful for your expertise, thoughtfulness and friendship.  South Africa was remarkable.”

-Judge Ruth Kraft & Robert Kraft MD, New York

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