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Water Buffalo Kruger National Park


The Kanyezi Safari Advantage At Kruger National Park

Experience the world’s most extraordinary safari destination with the luxury of a private guide, vehicle and driver in safe, stable South Africa, the miracle of the continent.

Come live the greatest game viewing on the planet in the land of the incomparable Nelson Mandela. That’s the Kanyezi Safari Advantage.

Hippopotamus Kruger National Park


The Big 5

These legends of the African savannah roam Kruger National Park more than anywhere else in Africa. Capturing a glimpse of the majestic African Elephant or the beautiful Leopard will be sure to set your heart racing.

The ill tempered rhinoceros, critically endangered, is a sight to see along with the sheer brute strength of the Cape Buffalo, considered the most dangerous of the big five. And of course no trip is complete without the king – the African Lion.


Sabi Sabi

Since 1979 Sabi Sabi has hosted visitors from all over the world, drawn to this unique area by the promise of the safari experience of a lifetime. Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, situated in the world-renowned 65000 hectare Sabi Sand Wildtuin in the South-Western section of the Kruger National Park, is a wildlife oasis, where you can observe at close quarters the age-old natural relationship between predator and prey.

Kanyezi South African Safari
– The Experience of a Lifetime

The South African sunrise warms the horizon and unveils the picturesque drama of trumpeting elephants, roaring lions, awe-inspiring rhinos, sleek leopards and the mighty buffalo strolling across the savannah, all before you’ve had a chance to finish your breakfast.

This is South Africa…this is your South African Safari Experience.

Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve on the continent and the venue for your once in a lifetime safari adventure. The huge variety of wildlife will transform your African Big Game Safari from a dream to a treasured memory.

Nearly 150 mammal species live in the park year round including more lion, leopard, rhino, & elephant than exist anywhere else on Earth. Anytime of year your schedule allows is the best time for wildlife viewing in our region of Africa, where all species reside in huge numbers year round.

Kanyezi (native word for “Star”) will navigate you amongst all that defines a South Africa Safari. From the amazing animals of the Kruger – to the mountains, canyons, & waterfalls that define this land; from vibrant Capetown & the Cape of Good Hope to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall on our planet and a 7th wonder of the world, we bring you to places most only dream about.

We offer the safest, most beautiful natural setting in Africa within a private area of Kruger National Park reserved exclusively for our guests from the United States & Canada.

We understand your desire to experience everything Africa has to offer affordably, comfortably, luxurious, & safely.

On a Kanyezi South African Safari, the experience of a lifetime starts when you meet your American guide at the airport as your plane lands. From there you’re off to the finest lodging featuring spacious villa suites with your own private elevated wildlife viewing deck.

Experience the highest rated South African Safari for yourself; our quality, luxury, & 27 year perfect safety record are unmatched in the industry. We look forward to showing you the unforgettable South African Safari experience of a lifetime.

Gods Window South Africa, Mpumalanga Province

“I cannot remember…exactly when I started dreaming about an African Safari. It’s been years! I don’t think I even believed I would ever make it. Dreams do come true.

We were delighted with all the services you provided; picking us up at the airport, taking us to our hotel, & realizing we would need that time to rest & get used to the different time zone. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in fulfilling all of our needs.

Looking through God’s windows at Blyde Canyon & Lisbon Falls were breath-taking. They were gorgeous. Kruger National Park, where we got great pictures of the “Big-Five” was unbelievable.

Sabi Sabi lodge exceeded all of my expectations. The beauty, the quality of the entire facility, the food, & the service was the very, very best. You made us feel right at home. We felt your love & concern for our welfare.

You are a wonderful host in every respect. I cherish our trip & our friendship.”

-Ron Faircloth, South Carolina

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